Forge of Empires Antiques Dealer [Strategy Guide]

Since August 2019, items that we no longer need can be sold at the Antiques Dealer.

In return we receive Trade Coins and Gemstones. These can then be used to purchase desired objects.

While buying an object always has a fixed price, that will not change over time, auctions can end in battles among bidders.

If someone bids right before the auction would end, it is extended again to 30 seconds. And that can happen an unlimited number of times.

Forge of Empires Antiques Dealer

Some bidders get frenzy and offer huge amounts for an item. Many players simply can afford to do that.

From events and guild expeditions we all receive so many items that especially the trade coins are always enough.

What is the best you can do with all these coins and gemstones?

For most players they are still very limited. Therefore you don’t want them to be wasted on the wrong items.

The answer cannot be the same for all players.

Some need fighting bonuses urgently, others forge points for faster development and a third group might need goods.

Due to this, we provide 3 answers for these 3 individual groups.

Let’s start with the fighters.

When there is no event running, the Antiques Dealer is the best opportunity to increase the attack bonus.

The group of the 3 best buildings from the Antiques Dealer to increase the attack bonus does not contain the Winner’s Plaza.

For it’s up to a 6% attack bonus you only need a single purchase using 19,440 Trade Coins and 35 Gem Stones.

In the lower ages the Pirate Ship would be better, but different to Winner’s Plaza it does not gain better attack bonuses when renovated to a higher age.

Therefore players in the Contemporary Era and above only keep it if they are interested in its many other bonuses. And these are impressive.

The Antiques Dealer wants a total of 56,700 Trade Coins and 169 Gem Stones and you have to wait very long until all required upgrades have been offered often enough.

The Cherry Garden Set is very popular, also because it can be received from the daily challenges.

But if you arrange it in the designed way it only reaches an average rank in my list. When more than 5 set buildings are arranged correctly, the Cherry Garden Set is close to the leading group.

So which items are in this leading group then?

Rank 3 for fighters is the Carousel. On a 3×3 tiles floor size, it provides 4% to 8% attack and city defense depending on the age.

With a single purchase of 24,300 Trade Coins and 65 Gem Stones your attacking army gets stronger. That is a good deal compared to many others.

Rank 2 is given to the Colossos. With a 7% to 15% attack bonus and the size of 4×4 tiles, it is the first choice for many players as it also adds 6 more forge points.

And the Colossos isn’t a bad choice but with its 10 levels an expensive investment at the Antiques Dealer.

Rank 1 we give to 3 independent buildings.

The Botanical Rotunda provides between 5% and 10% attack bonus and the Checkmate Square even 5% to 11%.

The Royal Marble Gateway only provides between 2% and 7% attack bonus, but it only consumes 3×2 tiles. These 3 buildings all are very good deals at the Antiques Dealer.

As you can see, we were able to get a Botanical Rotunda in an auction at the Antiques Dealer.

This way we only spent some Trade Coins and no Gem Stones. That makes it a bargain.

Those who want to push their great buildings need many forge points and for them completely different buildings are interesting.

The Antiques Dealer offers extremely many different buildings providing daily forge points which often also add other benefits.

For a long time, the Shrine of Knowledge was the best building.

In the early years of Forge of Empires is was the main strategy for a fast development to use an event to get as many Shrines of Knowledge as possible.

The number of shrines was only limited by the number of friends and guildmates motivating these every day.

And the space in a city is very limited. Therefore it is very important to maximize the number of forge points per tile.

The Dark Doorway did not make it into the top 3 of my list, although it is already much better than a Shrine of Knowledge.

The Pillar of Heroes already is a better choice as it adds more benefits. But with a total of 56,700 Trade Coins and 105 Gem Stones for its 7 levels, this investment will take longer.

Surprisingly the Colossos also made it to rank 2 of this list. With this universal event building, you never make a wrong decision.

Rank 1 goes to the Shrine of Knowledge level 2. Upgraded the Shrine again tops all other buildings.

The upgrade kit isn’t extremely cheap, requiring 40,500 Trade Coins plus 30 Gem Stones. But for me, it is still a great deal as it increases my city’s efficiency without requiring additional space.

Not included in my list is the Art Exhibition building. Upgraded to level 8 it provides by far the best forge point efficiency of all buildings and everybody wants to have it.

The upgrades don’t appear that often so that my Art Exhibition still is on level 2 only. Also sorted by goods-efficiency the Art Exhibition would be ranked top.

The list for the goods efficient buildings from the Antiques Dealer does neither contain the Tholos of Idols nor the Aqueous Mill of Fall. Both buildings aren’t bad looking on their goods efficiency, but others are much better.

Rank 3 is given to the Flourishing Cider Mill. With a 3×7 size, it is a huge building but with a realistic daily production of 30 goods, it is much better than all we mentioned before.

Rank 2 in my list of the goods-producing buildings from the Antiques Dealer goes to the Sunken Treasure.

Every 8 hours it provides 5 goods of the building’s age. It is not realistic to calculate 3 full productions every day.

But even with only 2 productions per day it is better than the Flourishing Cider mill which has the same restrictions.

Each Sunken Treasure requires 24,300 Trade Coins plus 65 Gem Stones. Due to the tiny size, it is possible to have many of these in a city.

The clear number 1 on our list is the Slay Builder. It is not much more expensive than the Sunken Treasure, and it has the same size, but with a single 24-hour production it produces 15 goods of the building’s age.

Therefore it is a very good deal at the Antiques Dealer.

In the FANDOM Wiki, you will find a list with most prices for buying and selling items.

We recommend having a look at it. We wish you to find some neglected auctions at the Antiques Dealer so that the desired object can be even cheaper than listed. Have success!

Guide courtesy of FOE Hints.

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