Forge of Empires Tips Launch

Forge of Empires Tips

The Official Forge of Empires Tips Launch – Giving Players the Upper-hand!

The goal of this website is to provide the best tips, tactics and guides for InnoGame’s turn-based strategy game Forge of Empires.

The main goal of the game is to take a civilization through the ages; build and enlarge a city that begins in the Stone Age and ends (currently) in an Oceanic Future. In relation to this, there are a limited number of buildings that need to be expanded gradually. In order to progress throughout the game, new buildings and decorations must be bought by the player. This requires coins and tools – and the best way to acquire such things will be regularly posted here on Forge of Empires Tips.  To add to the fun, there is a timeline on which a player has to unlock the eras in order to proceed in Forge of Empires. To aid us, throughout the game a battle ground; and a continent map that shows the provinces the player has to conquer can be accessed.

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