Forge of Empires Fall Event 2020 [Event Guide]

This year’s Forge of Empires Fall Event event is mainly unchanged from the 2019 Fall Event, and on the beta server, nearly all quests were identical.

Once again the necessary ingredients for various baked goods have to be collected. As you already know from other FoE events, there are many small and medium prizes as well as a really big multi-part prize to win.

In the beginning, everything is focused on collecting as many ingredients as possible, as there are apples, pumpkins, chocolate, cinnamon and caramel.

The first ingredient will be available every day for just logging in. On the first day you get an apple, on the following days you get pumpkin, cinnamon, caramel and chocolate in this order.

Then it starts all over again with an apple. The order is not changed in the whole event. So at least here it is a little bit calculable which ingredients you will still get.

Then there are 75 quests, each of which contributes a random ingredient.

As in the meantime with every event there is a rush quest series and daily quests. Initially, you will only receive one single quest from the rush quest series. Starting with quest 5 you will be offered 2 quests at the same time.

Just roll the quest window up and down. So you do not only have the choice which of the two quests you want to tackle first.

You can also complete both at the same time and sometimes you can even complete both quests with the same action.

Depending on how you complete the quests, different constellations can appear. It’s especially desirable to use this effect during the 4- and 8-hour productions. These then fulfill both quests at once and really save time.

When you have received both portraits, the rush quest series is completed and now 21 daily quests follow.

One of the most common questions new players ask is that they worry about losing quests if they take too long to complete the rush quests.

Not to worry. Daily quests that are not yet available will be revealed when the rush quest series is completed.

You can catch up on all the quests. None are lost.

However, you should hurry up a little. 75 quests in 3 weeks, including many long supply productions, require some effort. It’s not overly difficult, but you have to keep at it to get everything done in that time.

You can get more ingredients from the incidents around the city. With about a 10% chance, you will get a random ingredient instead of the actual reward.

Regular players will be able to get an extra ingredient almost every day. This is also urgently necessary.

Finally, you can also get two random ingredients as a reward through the daily challenge. Very important and different from last year:

Only those who get these additional ingredients from the daily challenges every day will have at least a chance to have the main prize at the highest level in the end.

For reaching milestone 37 of the quest line, you get 4 of each ingredient.

You can realistically collect more than 180 ingredients over the course of the event and then use them to bake cake in the event window. For each pastry you need 1 to 3 ingredients.

You will always have a choice of 3 possible baked goods, randomly selected from a list of 15 possible baked goods. Recipes with 1, 2 and 3 ingredients are all equally common.

For each pastry you will get a price from a list that is permanently assigned to it. The respective winning probabilities are indicated. The daily special is different every day. The image shows the daily specials of the beta server.

Forge of Empires Fall Event 2020 Daily Specials

These provide a realistic idea of what daily specials are available and how often. Most daily specials are offered more than once.

So you should not be put under too much pressure by the first appearance of a certain daily specials. There is probably at least one second chance.

Often the beta server prizes of the first and last day will be kept for the player worlds, while for all other days the order will be re-diced.

For example, this time on the first day of the event, the daily special was a Selection Kit for the September Cottage from the previous year.

So you can complete this, if you didn’t succeed last year. There is also a Selection Kit for the autumn mill and the cider mill.

On the last day of the event on the Beta Server the daily special was a Plus-1-Kit.

Now you can of course focus on the pastry which would give the best reward. Or you can look only at the chance of the daily special.

Our recommendation is to let the rewards surprise you and to choose the pastry mainly according to which ingredients you have the most.

In the end, it doesn’t help to have a lot left over from one ingredient, but only recipes for the other ingredients. So it’s worth waiting for a day with the desired daily prize and then baking the recipe that best brings the ingredients to an even level.

For example, if you have a lot of apples, you then prefer to use recipes with apples. Of course, you can also let the FoEhelper inspire you by it’s recommendations.

But do not lose sight of the ingredients.

Each pastry is then arranged on a table. You can see that the table has 20 stars. With each pastry you get as many stars as the ingredients were necessary for baking it.

So in the end, every ingredient becomes a star. If all 20 stars are completed, you get the indicated main prize.

The goal is of course to get the 2 upgrade kits for the Grand Prize that are still missing after completing the quest line.

There is no real preference in favor of big or small recipes.

The ingredients were not enough for me on the beta server. We had to help with diamonds. If we had gotten the additional ingredients every day from the daily challenge, it would have been enough.

Only by using diamonds we advanced to the professional league, where there are two kits. So in the end we even had one kit more than needed.

(If you need help with getting diamonds, for free, read our guide here)

Let’s take a closer look at this year’s main prize. After completing quest 7 you get the Harvest Barn as a level 1 building.

Quest 54 then delivers the upgrade to level 2. The two missing kits must then come from the baking. Fields are placed around the barn.

The principle of bonuses improved by matching neighboring buildings is known since the spring set. The values of the set are then already a blast. It’s a mighty all-round blow over all bonuses of the game – and not too tight.

Finally there is a baking league. The decisive factor here is in which league you will be in at the end of the event, for which there will be attractive additional prizes.

One can assume that the star chef and the professional league will only be reachable by the use of diamonds, because certainly more than 5% of the players will use diamonds.

The Advanced Baker league is required to bring the barn to level 4, otherwise you would need 220 ingredients, which is unrealistic without diamonds.

So in this event only 20% of the participating players will be able to bring their barn to level 4 – including those who use diamonds! What was enough on the beta server might fail on the more active player worlds.

Even the highest activity with all daily quests could be too little in the end, if you are not among the 20% best participants. Then only diamonds will help to have a total of 220 ingredients.

This time it is extremely tightly knit! But the effort is worth it! This building set continues the almost inflationary development of the event buildings dead straight.

We hope we could wet your appetite for an entertaining autumn event with this guide. Good luck!

Guide courtesy of FOE Hints.

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