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Welcome to Forge of Empires Tips. This will be your place for all the latest tips, tricks and strategy guides as you begin and progress in the game. To help get you on your way, we have created a Forge of Empires Beginners Guide.

If you are new to the game; we like your style.

But you want to set up in the right way and you want to ensure you are making the right decisions from the very start. We will reward you for your efforts.

So here is a Forge of Empires Beginners Guide like no other:

Getting Started

If you are just starting to play Forge of Empires for the first time, we recommend that you first open the tutorial that is offered right at the start of the game.

A pop-up will appear which you are open to accept or reject. We always like to accept – a very helpful Ragu Silvertongue will help establish the foundations for your landscape and get you on your way quickly and effectively.

We advise you follow this tutorial in its entirety; and work through all of the quests that are offered.

But this will only get you so far, and if you are hoping to forge an empire, we realize that there is a lot more than just a short tutorial can provide.

That’s why we’ve created this Forge of Empires Beginners Guide that will help give you an overview of the bare basics and the most worthwhile things to consider early on.

Besides, after a while playing the game, quests become more difficult to complete, and they usually last longer.

That’s out of the scope of this article so we will swiftly move back to our task; helping you establish the basics.

Once Ragu departs your screen, the time will come for you to go out on your own and deal with your city!

The City

The essential and fundamental cause of a successful city is production.

Only if you produce enough coins and supplies will you be able to construct the newest buildings and military units.

We advise that you make sure, that you build as many residential buildings and production buildings as possible in the beginning, since they will be your main source of income.

Don’t forget to compare the buildings available – there will always be a building that will be best suited to your playing style.

Alongside production, another crucial component to building a powerful city is the happiness level of your people.

This being because if your citizens are happy, their production increases.

So here’s the tip: build cultural buildings and decorations, and always try to keep your people inspired. Treat others as you would like to be treated!


If you look at the top of your city view, in the center of the screen, you will see a display showing your Forge Points.

As each hour passes, you are given one forge point. This is up until you have reached your maximum limit.

Forge points are the most valuable resource in the game; these are the commodity that drives forth your empire.

You need them to trade, to level up Great Buildings and, more importantly, for research.

Research is conducted by investing into technologies, via the research tree interface, with your forge points.

If you have saved the required amount and (if necessary) any unlocking costs, you can start to benefit from the new technology and build something new, and impressive, in your city from your building menu.

Map and Battles

You should never neglect the continent map.

We recommend you acquire provinces; because only then can you get more expansions in your city and exploit essential good deposits.

Whether you trade for your sectors or conquer them is ultimately your decision; this is the playing style that we referred to earlier.

At first, you will find it easy to defeat your enemies’ army with military units alone, but as the game progresses, the battles will become more challenging.

We advise that you plan ahead and prepare yourself: pay close attention to what units your opponent has, and bring units to battle that will effectively defeat them. (We have a fantastic Military Guide that can help you here).

Speaking generically, here are the basics to remember:

Fast units are good at fighting against ranged units,

Melee units are good against fast units.

Ranged fighters in turn have an advantage against melee units.

But this isn’t set in stone and you can do certain things to increase your chances of winning in battle.

For example, if you infiltrate a sector, the enemy units will already be damaged at the beginning of the battle.

This proves to be a great advantage and one we recommend you try to utilize.

Furthermore, if you are making the most of the terrain on the battle map, and always aim isolate an enemy unit with several units of your own, you should prevail in battle and crush any resistance.


It may appear it, but you are not alone. In your neighborhood you can always find other FOE players with whom you can trade.

If you deal well with other players, they might even visit your town and support you. You can also visit their cities and improve their buildings if you are so inclined.

Trading will give you some extra coins that will be of benefit early in the game. They will also offer you a small chance of finding a valuable blueprint-piece that can be used to build a Great Building.

Great Buildings provide a great advantage to any player that manages to build one, and thus they should always be sought out a prioritized when and where possible.

To benefit even more, you can choose to level them up to increase their power. The owner and all visitors to the city can contribute to this by donating their Forge Points.

Whenever a Great Building upgrades and reaches a new level, valuable rewards will be paid out to the players who were the top contributors.

But if you like to battle and in addition to peaceful coexistence, you can also choose to fight. If you prevail and your attacking army defeat the defenders of the enemy, you will be able to plunder a building.

This will generate additional income, but the trade-off being, this behaviour will not win you friends and the likelihood of them assisting your buildings will be slim!

Alternatively, tournaments offer the chance to battle in a friendlier arena. If you participate in tournaments, you can obtain coveted medals, but be prepared to have to fight a lot!


After progressing to a certain point in FOE, you will require goods.

Like the majority of the gameplay, it pays to plan ahead to ensure that you never get stuck at a point because you lack the necessary goods.

Thankfully. you do not have to produce all of the goods yourself. We advise that you concentrate your efforts on goods which you found deposits for on the continent map.

Additionally you can team up with other players and trade these goods. This is a great way to obtain the goods that you don’t yet have.

The API also offers a trading option,; but be wary, their exchange rate is poor so we suggest you do this as a last resort.

A final way to obtain goods is by robbing your neighbour. You will need your army to do this, along with optimized skill and good timing.

Forge of Empires Beginners Guide: Quick Tips and Tricks:

  • Always Plan Ahead
  • Do not let any of your Forge Points lapse
  • Make sure to get goods as early as you possibly can
  • Use your goods deposits and trade for profit in the market
  • Use your building site efficiently making most of space
  • Get all the expansions you possibly can – they never expire and are essential for development
  • Do not forget the daily bonus from your town hall!
  • Always pay attention to the level of your populations happiness
  • Visit the cities of other players and motivate or polish their buildings if you need to get coins fast
  • In battle: infiltrate! Look at the enemy’s set up and employ counter units! Use terrain advantages! Attack a unit with several units!

So there you have it, our Forge of Empires Beginners Guide.

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