Forge of Empires Summer Event 2023 [Event Guide]

Welcome to our Forge of Empires Summer Event 2023 Guide.

This year’s summer event will probably start earlier, run longer and look different than in previous years.

The game mechanics are very similar to the winter event, but with completely new graphics.

About The Forge of Empires Summer Event 2023

As in previous summer events, we will again collect doubloons.

We’ll have 20 immediately at the start of the event. We get another 10 doubloons for the first login every day.

Forge of Empires Summer Event 2023 Questline

As usual, the event quest line is divided into rush quests, which can be tackled immediately, plus daily quests, of which one more is added every day after the rush quests.

The 34 immediate quests are then rewarded with 10 doubloons each.

This year’s event will last a gigantic 33 days, longer than any event has ever lasted before in Forge of Empires.

Accordingly, there are 33 daily quests with 30 doubloons each as a reward.

This time there was a special hurdle with the very last quest.

It appeared on the very last day of the event, which consisted of only a few hours, since the event ended at 11:30 in the morning.

I hope this will be changed.

For reaching the milestones after the 8th quest and after the 34th quest, there will be another 50 doubloons each.

Forge of Empires Summer Event 2023 Minigame

The doubloons are then used to uncover tiles in the mini-game.

If you uncover the tile with the shuffle symbol, you get a completely new set. With each uncovered tile you immediately get a small prize, which can occasionally be the daily special.

All daily specials as they were on the beta server are also in this first pinned comment below the video.

By the way, this daily special can be changed once a day for another random one.

In some sets, one of the tiles may contain a calendar key.

But it can also happen that you uncover all the tiles in a set and no calendar key was there.

This makes it enormously difficult to complete the calendar.

The first key found on a day opens the door of the current day in the calendar.

Each additional key found on the same day provides a quarter of a master key.

4 parts of the master key will then allow you to open a door that you missed.

It is highly recommended to complete the daily challenge every day. This brings 1 to 3 more segments of a master key each time.

Each opening of a door on the calendar is rewarded with a small instant prize. Really rewarding is the reward for completing the calendar, mainly because of the Skull Cave.

This requires no road access and on a tiny 2×2 footprint it provides up to 20% attack bonus for both armies, city defense and attacking army. I did not manage to open all 32 doors of the calendar.

For each uncovering of a square, i.e. for every 10 doubloons, 3 coins from a dice cup land on the set.

One or two of these coins lie with the embossed side facing up. The values zero and three do not exist.

Each minted side you see adds a small square to the edge of the set. For every 20 small squares there is then a grand prize.

Forge of Empires Summer Event 2023 Grand Prizes

Apart from the regular Grand Prizes, there will then be a second, additional set of Grand Prizes, the Summer Prizes.

This is given to players who pay a one-time fee of 14.99 euros for it.

This year’s main prize is the Trading Post, which you can get immediately as a level 1 building as the very first Grand Prize without any upfront activity.

The upgrade kits you need after that you get mainly through the Grand Prizes.

I was surprised that I was able to build a level 9 trading post well before the end of the event.

By the end, I almost had the second trading post complete.

The Trading Post is an event building that can initially be upgraded to level 9 with Trading Post upgrade kits.

Then the trading post provides population, happiness, coins, up to 24 of a current good, up to 14 forge points, up to 19% attack bonus and up to 29% defense each for the attacking army.

On top of that, there are a few little extras:

  • A 100% coin boost
  • 25% chance to get a fragment for a 300% boost to the attack of the attacking army
  • 25% chance to get a fragment for a 300% boost on the defense of the attacking army
  • 50% chance to get one of 100 necessary fragments for a buccaneer hideout selection kit
  • One fragment daily for a buccaneer Bay upgrade kit

This very special buccaneers bay upgrade kit, which can be assembled from 150 corresponding fragments, then enables the expansion of the trading post to a buccaneer bay, with then again significantly better values.

Numerous fragments can already be obtained as Grand Prizes. The rest is provided by the trading post level 9.

I think InnoGames has done a lot to make all players happy with this event.

Everyone can get a trading post level 9 and upgrade it over time to a buccaneers bay.

Besides that there are many small prizes and a lot of fun for a hot summer.