PowerStart #15 in Forge of Empires [Guild Expedition Series]

Our tiny, 2 weeks old city on the US server Angkor, arrived near the end of level 3 of the Guild Expedition.

So there are still 2 platforms left. In the tavern, we again buy the extra turn for the negotiations. This even results in receiving an achievement.

Platform 15 of level 3 presents 9 different items to trade with. We use the first 5 items and have a hit.

4 items can be ruled out.

We put the remaining 4 items in the 4 open slots and receive another hit.

2 more items can be ruled out. We are left with 3 possible items in 3 slots.

The second last turn does not provide another hit, but enough information to secure the success with the final turn. One last time the reward is some military units.

Platform 16 initially was the grand final of the guild expedition, until the additional 4th level has been added.

Therefore the reward for this platform is really attractive. Even on this platform, the number of goods is relatively low.

This enables even new players to complete this level successfully. With 10 possible items, this is a real challenge.

Even level 4 will not be more difficult, only more expensive. Having 2 hits in the first turn is not only an advantage. For the remaining turns, it reduces the slots to collect more information.

In the second turn, we preferred to learn more about the remaining items instead of finding the correct position for wine, which definitely must be an item of the final solution.

The third turn is pure luck then. Now only one position is open and we already know that it must be wine.

For that lucky success, we receive the great reward of 100 diamonds. Absolutely no reason to complain.

Obviously level 4 of the guild expedition was not released in that guild.

We have no recordings about it. Therefore we will provide all negotiations of the guild expedition level 4 of the Early Middle Ages soon, as we went up to that new age.

With the next installment, we complete the PowerStart series and soon we will publish several videos to different aspects of the Early Middle Ages.

You will soon find more videos for new players on this site.

Guide courtesy of FOE Hints.

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