Forge of Empires Journal [Entry #11 – July 2020]

Welcome to our eleventh installment of the Forge of Empires Journal. Here, we we will bring you news about Forge of Empires.

Here is what we will be covering:

  • Road to Victory
  • Harbour Tavern
  • Feedback to InnoGames

Road To Victory

Road to Victory has long since arrived in the game; but the news was lost as we focused on our other guides.

It’s a reward for players in the Platinum and Diamond leagues, so it’s a special incentive for players to take on the challenges of the two highest leagues again and again.

The attacking army always has too little bonus and in the case of my city on the beta server, the additional happiness is also very welcome. Of course we have rebuilt my city to be able to build this impressive boulevard.

First it was noticed that the tavern has been given a new location.

Harbour Tavern

Now it becomes obvious why this happened. The new harbour needed a tavern, otherwise it would not be a real harbour.

The appearance of the tavern was also adapted to the usual design of the different ages.

Likewise, the harbour building also changes with the ascent into higher ages. This has now become a really attractive ensemble of buildings. We like that very much.


Comments on our guides contain really good suggestions for improving Forge of Empires.

But you can also find justified criticism, for example of the new PvP arena. Especially criticized is the fact that all ages fight against each other in the same tournament and therefore the lower ages have no chance at all.

We can understand this criticism very well. The upper ranks will inevitably go to the players of the two highest ages, because the units from the Mars Age onward will top everything else by far.

But these players do not really need the very humble rewards.

This is a short summary of the many comments and messages to me. But, dear players, the information we received does not help at all. InnoGames has a forum.

Criticism and suggestions for improving the game should definitely be posted in this forum.

There it will really reach the relevant InnoGames employees.

They are not likely to read the comments under our guides. And if you want to give your suggestions a bit more power, motivate your fellow players to like your contribution in the forum and comment on it.

If InnoGames sees that certain topics are close to the hearts of many players, they can justify why they should allocate designer and developer resources for a certain change.

So please be sure to post your feedback on the game in the forum to make it work. Because we all want our game to keep improving.