Forge Of Empires Guild Expedition Level 4 Virtual Future [Combat Guide]

The guild expedition level 4 of the Virtual Future starts so simply.

8 units of the Rocket Troop do the job in auto-combat.

In the second encounter on platform 50, we use the hovertanks from the Future Era. They still perform well in the Virtual Future.

Encounter 3 on platform 51 also clarifies our assessment of the outstanding strength of the Rocket Troop by using them again.

We fight manually and deliberately with 8 Rocket Troops and no rogue mix to take out the computer’s Rocket Troops before they can fire.

This is not always guaranteed in auto-combat.

Against both waves, the rest of the target order can still be optimized to minimize own losses.

In the fourth encounter on platform 52, we replace two units of the Rocket Troops with rogues because there are two Ninjas in the opposing team.

These start near the player’s team and can thus land two hits.

These two hits then cause the two rogues to transform, so the player team takes no damage at the start.

Since the Ninjas are hidden in the forest, they must then be reached. So this fight does not end without losses.

When fighting the second wave, we pull my units apart a bit to avoid providing unnecessary targets for the inevitable multiple hits from the opposing Rocket Troops.

Of course, we aim to eliminate the computer’s artillery as quickly as possible.

The remaining heavy units are then slow enough to allow enough time to hit them often on their long journey.

The fifth encounter on platform 53 follows the same pattern as the previous encounter.

This time the computer has 4 Ninjas and accordingly I deploy 4 rogues.

If possible, take out the Ninjas first and give the computer’s artillery a chance to gain some distance from the rogues.

This way the artillery can mostly be taken out without the rogues transforming.

Against the second wave, take out the fast units first. Then there is enough time to take out the very slow Heavy units before they can score hits.

The sixth encounter on platform 54 once again is a good use case for the Hovertanks of the Future Era.

They don’t hold up much against the strong Ninjas, but these get few opportunities to land hits.

And then they often concede an immediate counter-attack.

On the other hand, the hovertanks benefit not only from their stealth, but also from their good range.

Meeting the very well armored Heavy units of the Virtual Future in the second wave is less of a challenge than you might think at first.

Just always keep the maximum distance, then the Heavy units rarely come to fire.

The hovertanks take quite a few hits for each target, but the heavy unit’s low speed buys you the time you need.

The seventh encounter on platform 55 the Rocket Troops could handle by themselves.

By playing manually, you can ensure the correct sequence of targets and minimize your own losses.

The second wave shouldn’t cause any problems when replaying either – and if need be, it works in auto-combat.

Many players find the eighth encounter on platform 56 to be the most difficult challenge of the Virtual Future.

The basic tactical idea is to have a single flying unit survive the first wave, which can then leisurely mow down the second wave’s artillery.

This flying unit is deliberately the combat drone from the Tomorrow Era.

Because of the computer’s Ninjas, rogues also come into play.

It can happen that rogues are transformed into combat drones.

Be careful that the drone, which was not a rogue at the beginning of the fight, must survive the wave.

Preferably, have it wait away from the action, even if this means that you might have one opportunity less to land a hit.

In the fight against the second wave, move the Combat Drone away from the other units very quickly, so that it does not take damage from attacked neighbors.

No matter how many turns a single drone should take, it cannot fail! Artillery cannot hit flying units.

We play the ninth encounter on platform 57 with 8 Rocket Troops and this time manually to be able to show a bit more of the combat here.

However, the course of the battle would be a little different in auto-combat mode.

After the challenging half-time encounter, this platform is then again more suitable for relaxing.

During the tenth encounter on platform 58, we then use the hovertanks again.

This encounter clearly shows how powerful it is to have stealth combined with range.

Although the computer’s units have much more attack power and armor, they are hopelessly outgunned if the hovertanks always keep maximum distance.

Of course, they only do that when played manually.

Auto combat loses this encounter for the most part.

However, it should not be difficult to replay the example shown. Just be careful that the hovertanks are really only moved to plains tiles, otherwise they lose their stealth.

The eleventh encounter on platform 59 uses the previously proven scheme once again.

One last time, stealth plus range are a trump card that the opposing units can’t counter. Just watch and enjoy.

From the twelfth encounter on, i.e. platform 60, only Rocket Troops are used.

Their range combined with the mortar ability, meaning additional hits on units adjacent to the target, makes all remaining encounters extremely easy.

We even ran the last encounters in auto-combat only.