Forge of Empires Guild Battlegrounds – First Day [Part Three]

In the third installment of our Forge of Empires Guild Expedition Series, we will be taking a look at the First Day on the Guild Battlegrounds. For part one (intro guide) of the series, click here. For part two (strategy guide) click here.

For part three, we want to demonstrate how we applied our own strategy and how this looks in the game. Hints are useless if they cannot been proofed in the game.

On the German server Noarsil, we are a member of the guild Musketeers. Although we are ranked as number 5 we have to start in the gold league as our member list is only half full.

The number of active players is the most important influencer in guild battlegrounds. Of course we want to demonstrate that a small, but very active guild can be successful on the guild battlegrounds.

The guild asked Rote Feder and us to coordinate our activities as we already made first experience on the beta server.

We started with sharing some first strategic thoughts with all guild members, and we created 2 new threads:

1. Appointments and General discussions about guild battlegrounds.

2. The other one always defines our current or next target sector. All members are asked to attack only this one target to concentrate our power on that.

As recommended in our guild battleground strategy guide, we first attack the sector towards the center of the map, which is C3; Yeraim in our case. We build a siege camp there and finish it immediately.

The effect is that we suffer less from attrition when attacking the next sector towards the center of the map. Speed is important as we want to reach the center before other guilds do that.

As a result the next sector, C2: Tayencoria, is conquered quickly. There we build traps and finish immediately another siege camp.

Forge of Empires Guild Battlegrounds - First Day [Part Three]

This way we succeed to conquer the first sector in the center of the map very fast. 2 statues help us to receive more victory points from it.

Next we try to be faster than the red opponent and attack the next sector in the center D1: Brurat. Each sector is safe for the next 4 hours.

As we have a friendly relationship to the red guild we do not construct a building that increases the difficulty to conquer this sector. It would be great if the red guild finishes guild battlegrounds as second, behind us. But there is no fixed agreement for this.

Now we can conquer the third sector in the center, which was less urgent as the orange opponent still is far away from the center. There we build banners to maximize victory points.

When we conquer the 4th sector in the center it becomes obvious that we started much faster than all other guilds.

We took advantage from the fact that many players have other priorities at 8 in the morning, e g a job. But after conquering 6 sectors 18 guild member, half of our active players already used there possible battles. This is based on my assumption that each player will win 30 battles. And the day is still long. It is before 9 in the morning.

We write to our members that more battles don’t have priority at the moment. We should wait until we can win back the sectors in the center of the map later, which we expect to happen at 6pm.

But as guild battlegrounds are a new feature and everybody wants to see how it works, so more sectors are conquered fast. Again we benefit from the siege camps that we constructed earlier.

The sectors C2:Shadsterning and B2:Taspac block our neighbor from attacking us in the center of the map. This should help to keep the valuable investment a bit longer.

We secure the center against the green opponent the same way. This helps the friended red guild a bit as it keeps them away from disturbing them when they attack the center later. Green is now captured at the border of the map for the next 4 hours. We concentrate ourselves on the center of the map.

Conquering the sectors B2: Subeblic and C3:Xistan is definitely more than planned.

Looking on the activity of our members shows that some won many more battles than the estimated number of 30. As a result we conquer more sectors than required to win this.

After 8 hours in the game we already have more than 10,000 victory points and we are very dominant in the important center of the map. We stopped to construct buildings. We reduce the spending of goods for the next guild battleground, which probably will be much more challenging.

After 7pm something happens that we initially expected for 2pm latest: Some of our sectors in the center get attacked. It is impossible to avoid this. There is no possibility to actively defend conquered sectors.

By the way we also completed the guild expedition on that Thursday evening. All our members completed their 64 battles and/or negotiations. We are listed on rank 1.

Later in the evening we again improved our position. The isolated red sector demonstrates something that many players misunderstood.

You can only lose a sector if it is conquered by another guild. A connection to other sectors or to the headquarter is not required. The rules mention this for battles in sectors that are not already conquered. Such sectors can be cut off. This is a very powerful way to defend, but it requires a certain strength.

We got back the red sector in the center after midnight, when the 4 hour lock went off.

Blue also used the opportunity that at midnight all attrition is reset to zero so that they could use many battles to take 2 of our sectors.

While we were sleeping, others were restless and around 8am they won back these sectors.

So our situation on the guild battlegrounds looks very stable after 24 hours.

With 32,000 victory points we set a signal which will be difficult to beat. It is very comfortable to have an easy first season on the guild battleground.

So we can start the second season then as a well trained team. Then we hopefully will be in the platinum league.

These first 11 days we should complete successfully.

We hope that this short summary of the first day inspires you to do the same when the next season starts. Have fun and success!

Article and Video courtesy of FOE Hints

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