Forge of Empires General Tips

In this Forge of Empires General Tips Guide, we list a variety of useful tactics that will help you to advance quicker through the ages and to acquire more success in your journey to forge an empire.

To help you even further, we have divided the recommendations into the following alphabetically ordered sections: Ages/ Development, Battle, Blueprints, City Management & Development, Diamonds, Goods & Supplies and Trading. This way, you can highlight the Forge of Empires General Tips that you need, fast.

Please note: this list is not exhaustive nor is it complete; Forge of Empires Tips strive to constantly update the tips and hopes that the Forge of Empires Community shares and contributes further

So without further ado, onto the Tips:

Forge of Empires General Tips

Ages & Development

  • Regularly check your great buildings tab and keep an eye out for the best deals as buildings start nearing the next level – be sure to always keep a forge point package(s) for such an occasion.
  • When getting ready to level to a new age, finish contributing points to the first technologies that you need to unlock.
  • If you are going to be away for a couple of days, move your houses to one side of the map and cancel production. This will cost any attacker units, and they will get nothing in return. This is inherently cheaper than purchasing a city shield.
  • If you are ready to go into a new ERA, plan ahead and chase the blueprints that you will soon need. Save up your forge point packs that will get you through the technologies that will unlock the military barracks that you want to deploy.
  • Once you’re in a new ERA, if you keep your best resident/production/cultural buildings from the previous age you can win the new ERA’s buildings and you won’t have to spend coins/supplies to change them out.
  • Don’t waste your time on Great Buildings that you will end up just deleting (i.e. Coliseum, Hagia, ND, Babel). Go after the higher age Great Buildings sooner in the game and get them in your city ASAP i.e. Inno, Traz, Dynamic Tower, Arc, etc. It will make your game much easier. This will open up a lot more space than you can imagine.
  • Also if you spend any kind of time in each ERA then you can get them up to levels that will sustain you. This will help you to push a little faster through the subsequent ERA’s until the next stopping point.


  • Do not opt for a quick battle where you think you only have a 75% chance of winning, always let the battle play out even in auto mode.
  • Battle on the map (NOT PvP battles)
  • Always attack, retreat, then attack once more. This is beneficial twofold: you will get a good look at the terrain (useful for rangers, etc), but will also see the movements of your opponent’s troops.
  • Understand the game mechanics and use troops that will exploit the terrain and unit movement.
  • Keep an eye/record of what your opponent defends with, most players never change their defence until they advance. You should also frequently change your defence to keep your opponents guessing.
  • We suggest that when you attack an opponent, if you win, to plunder a building that produces supplies. You can gain generous supplies instantly as opposed to the waiting time of producing these supply buildings yourself.


  • Acquiring Blueprints from Forge Point Donation: Befriend players with the building in which you are targeting and are having no luck in acquiring, they’re not too hard to find.
  • When trading duplicate blueprints, avoid trading 2 of the same. When you have a triplicate blueprint, wait until you have a duplicate of a different one and trade the two different ones.
  • Before you send someone an invite to be friends, visit and make sure they have Great Buildings of the blueprints you’re looking for. This will be important for acquiring Great Building Blueprints later

City Building & Management

  • Organize your city into zones or sections for each of the following: residential/industrial/culture/supply/Great Buildings etc. This makes it much more simple and easier to Motivate and Polish you to build a more effective city. The easiest way to make more room in your city is try to have the least number of roads possible for it to function effectively.
  • Don’t build a path all the way around your town hall. Attaching a building to the side of the town hall, 1 square from a corner, will allow the building to work without a path or road. You can save 18 building squares by doing this, if laid out carefully.
  • Put the (Polish/Supply/Coin) PSC/SPC/CSP/CCC/PPP/SSS etc in your city name or your profile to tell others the priority of that city.
  • Make sure you motivate/polish everyone you can, as often as you can. Besides, it’s a minimal cost of only 20 coins each, but the benefits prove its worth.
  • Build Bigger Production Buildings: Despite taking up the same space, Larger Production Buildings require LESS people for Motivation. For example, 1 Production Building is the equivalent of 4 smaller buildings. When you have 4 smaller buildings, it takes 4 people to motivate them to a level which competes with one larger building which is motivated by 1 person. So building larger production buildings frees up your population.


  • Save your Diamonds acquired through gameplay, for extra city expansions. Generally diamonds spent on premium structures or technologies are either superseded by better, non-premium technologies as you progress to the higher ages, or cost ludicrous amounts (if in the last age or two of the game). Be sure NOT to spend your Diamonds on Great Buildings. Whilst spending diamonds on Great Buildings enables you to get them faster, you will eventually obtain them as your progress anyway. In choosing to spend your diamonds on Great Buildings you also sacrifice those city expansions that you need diamonds to buy.

Goods & Supplies:

  • To prevent your goods from being plundered, don’t leave them lying around for too long. Try to produce for a period of time and collect them at the end of that playing session.


  • Join a Guild: One of the biggest aspects of a guild is the fact you can make trades without paying the forge point. Forge of Empires Tips recommends players try to find a medium-sized guild to join. Try to find a guild with at least a few other players who have goods deposits in where you don’t have a supply of those goods.


So there you have it, our Forge of Empires General Tips.

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