Forge of Empires 11 Year Anniversary Event [Strategy Guide]

Welcome to my Forge of Empires 11 Year Anniversary Event Strategy Guide

Now Forge of Empires has been around for 11 years and most of the current players have not experienced that this game once ended with the Late Middle Ages and all other ages have been added over the years.

InnoGames wants to celebrate this huge development with us and has created a brand new event.

Forge of Empires 11 Year Anniversary Event

In this Forge of Empires Anniversary Event, the first thing is to collect energy.

At the start of the event, you have 110 energy and you will get another 80 energy when you log in for the first time each day.

Then there are 40 main quests, each providing 90 energy, and then 21 daily quests, each providing as much as 170 energy.

Additional 20, 100 or even 500 energy are occasionally provided by incidents in and around the city.

You then use the collected energy in the new mini-game to create a random gem via the button for 10 energy each.

There are blue, green and red gems in four different sizes. Basically all types of gems can be created, but small gems have a much higher chance of doing so than larger gems.

Likewise, red gems have a higher chance of being generated.

Forge of Empires 11 Year Anniversary Event Minigame

In the minigame we can already see 32 gems behind a glass pane at the edge of the playing field, which we can’t reach at first.

If you have created a gem by means of energy, to which you see a gemstone identical in color and size at the edge, you can merge these two identical gems.

This enlarges the gem at the edge and exposes it, which means it can then be used to expose other gems at the edge, which will also become one size larger.

Tip 1: Use A Minimum Amount Of Generated Gems

The goal is to use a minimum of generated gems to uncover all the gems on the edge.

Unlike generated gems, each edge gem has either the upper or lower part of a key.

Tip 2: Don’t Waste Energy

Don’t waste energy hoping to generate more key pieces.

It is very important to combine gems in such a way that an upper and a lower part are brought together to make a complete key.

Tip 3: Only Combine Complementary Gems

Only combine complementary gems to get complete keys.

So when combining, the color and size must match and in addition, the upper and lower parts of the key should complement each other.

Keys can be made for gemstones of all sizes, but the larger the gemstone, the more keys you get for exposure.

It is also possible to combine two level 4 gems, which may be necessary, so that the upper and lower parts of a key can be joined together.

However, the result is again a level 4 gem, which is all you can get.

Tip 4: Merge Level 4 Gems Rarely

Merge level 4 gems only in unavoidable cases.

Now you can place the gem with the complete key on the field in the middle to get the key.

Tip 5: Redeem Large Gems

Redeem gems that are as large as possible.

You can reset the board if there are still gems on the edge, but there is an additional reward for uncovering all the gems on a board.

The first reset on a game day is free, all further resets cost energy.

Tip 6: Refresh Once Per Day At Most

If you have to reset, use the one free refresh every day if possible.

By the way, no keys are lost during a board reset.

In this event, the daily challenges are again very important.

It helps a lot to complete them daily.

There are 9 keys for each, with the red keys having a lower chance. This makes up for the increased generation rate for red gems.

These almost 200 additional keys are then again a huge tailwind in the minigame.

Tip 9: Daily Challenge Keys

Get 9 keys every day from the daily challenges

In addition, you already get 2 fire keys as a default at the start of the event.
With the keys you can now open the chests on the right side.

Each chest contains a reward from a list assigned by color, including the daily special with a certain chance.

The first chest opened on a day contains double the reward.

This also applies in the case of the daily special. In addition, the progress generated by it will be doubled.

Tip 10: Open Chests Daily

Open at least 1 chest every day in the mini-game.

By creating and combining gems, you will receive one progress point each time.

By opening chests with the keys you receive, you will earn up to 27 more progress points on your way to the next Grand Prize.

The better the chest, the more progress you get.

250 progress points then add up to one Grand Prize.

Forge of Empires 11 Year Anniversary Event Grand Prize

The first Grand Prize, a Plus One Kit, is immediately available for pickup at the start of the event.

Every other Grand Prize is an upgrade kit for this year’s Main prize, the Tower of Conjunction.

The level 1 version of this new building is available for completing the 6th quest.

Two more upgrades then provide milestones 40 and 61, and all remaining upgrades must come from Grand Prizes.

At level 10, the building provides daily medals, supplies, forge points, and goods of the current age, as well as permanent age-dependent 12%-22% attack bonus for the attacking army.

The building cannot be looted and does not require road access.

With a special Golden Upgrade Kit, the level 10 building can then be turned into one of the following four buildings of your choice.

The Golden Upgrade Kit is available as a 15th Grand Prize, at 3,750 progress, as well as a League Reward starting at Silver.

It is one of the Tower of Conjunction Selection Kit choices.

Since the event on Beta was extremely chaotic on the part of InnoGames, I am not able to judge whether achieving the Golden Upgrade Kit is realistic for players without using diamonds.

Let’s just hope for the best.

With this all-new event, there’s still a breath of fresh air in our game even after 11 years. It’s something we can all really look forward to.